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Offsite SEO benefits from social traffic. In order to create a website, people love coming back, you should implement several techniques to ensure an enhanced user experience.

Before you read this article, take a look at this comic.

Good Easy to read, good contrast. Breadcrumbs navigation. Navigation on common places. Back to Top Button. Only require the minimum needed data from the user. Do not force registration, if not needed. Error Message should make sense. Do not force the user to provide long passwords. Use Openid,Google,Facebook instead of another user login(offer both!). Captchas must be easy to read. Structure your forms. Use Labels. Do not forget the for="checkboxname", because it is easier to click. If Sessions are used, make sure to keep them alive. Every click-able item (buttons and links) should be big enough to allow smartphone/tablet surfing. Use less images for the website design, it slows down your site. Compress all css and all javascript files. Speed is important. On the first page explain the "misson" of your website. Provide rss feeds and newsletters.

There is a lot more possible, feel free to suggest more!

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