Introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Search Engine Optimization is a set of techniques that help search engines to understand your page. This will lead to a better search engine position and enhance the user experience.

Types of SEO and Benefits Search Engine Optimization can be done on-site and off-site. On-site optimization can be implemented in existing web pages, while off-site optimization requires more knowledge in order to reach a better search engine position. The benefits of SEO apart from a better search engine position are user friendly urls, better site structure and an improved user experience.

Getting Started

  • Title and description: websites are delivered in html format. Each page should have a proper title tag and a proper description meta tag. search engine display of careout
  • Proper image names and alt attribute. Search engines can not view pictures, but you can describe them
  • Use the relevant keywords in your website content. People type in keywords, and you better have them in your content, otherwise the search engine will not show you
  • A faster site is a better site and a website must work without javascript, because search engines have problems with javascript.

In the next article you will learn more about on-site techniques. Feel free to leave a comment.

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