7 Tips to Keep Visitors Coming Back.

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This articles show you 10 Tips to keep Visitors Coming Back to your site. SEO is not only about getting a visitor to view your page once, it is also about keeping your userbase and getting them involved in your success.

  1. A well structured website

    A visitor will remember if there have been annoying popups or anything else that reduces his browsing experience.

  2. Easy Site Navigation

    A intutive navigation is the key to keep a visitor happy. Have every link and button on the right place, so the user does not need to scroll (except if you have more content) or search any control element.

  3. Awesome Content

    Content is the most important factor. Good content delivers your visitors and good content will keep them. Read about content creation and improve your writing. There always should be fresh content, if a visitor comes back and there is nothing new he/she will get bored and leave.

  4. User Participation

    Allow users to write comments, rate your content and contact you. If you do not mind moderation, you can have a forum for them. If your visitors got twitter, facebook or something else, you should offer them a option to use it with your website.

  5. Real time communication

    If you are online all day long, invite your visitors into a chat room. This way you have direct contact with them. Do not use shout-boxes, they are outdated and well, nobody wants to moderate them. You can use skype for example.

  6. User Notification

    This is important for smaller sites. Below your content, you should have an option for your visitors to enter their email adress and receive an email when you post new content. A newsletter is a popular option. You should atleast offer RSS-Feeds. And do not forget a "Contact Me/Us" page.

  7. Interactive Options

    Get feedback from your users. Ask them to answer a survey and add a small poll to your website. Do not ask off-topic questions and a registration should not be a requirement. Having a feedback button on every page is often a great benefit. Only ask them for email and a short note. If you require a lot of fields, nobody bothers to fill them out.

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