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PHP stands for "Hypertext Preprocessor" and it's open source, but it isn't as bad as it sounds so you may just forget what I just said and keep reading. PHP is widely used on websites to extend their functionality, like for example add user registration, write a chat script, add new posts or articles without touching code, make a calculator or almost anything you have seen in websites...

Code is server side so it means all you have written will run on server where you host your website, but this also doesn't matter much since most likely you're just beginning.

Cool story bro, how do I start? Note: before starting it's suggested to know basics of HTML.

You can waste your time and set up server on your PC manually or can download EasyPHP and start right now! Go to and download whatever release you see at the top.

Next thing you do is install it, select a folder to install it (i.e.: D:\EasyPHP). Do not install it within Program Files, cause that can cause problems with Win7/Vista/Win8. Go to the folder, where you just installed it and run EasyPHP-####.exe where #### - is version you just downloaded.

Now in EasyPHP window click on small button you see at top-left, right before 'apache button' and select local web Now something should open in your browser, if it does then congratulations, you have your server working!

The adress is something like

In next tutorials we will teach you the basics of php programming.

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