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In this tutorial I will teach you how to leave only 1 color in the image and desaturate the rest of it. It's a really simple method and sometimes really helps to accent specific things in an image, like eyes, dress, flowers and so on, use your imagination, there are loads of possibilities.

Here's what you should expect from this tutorial:

1) So let's beging by opening the source image in Adobe Photoshop, feel free to use any photo you desire, as long as you know in which parts you will want the color to stay and which parts you want to desaturate.

2) In this case we probably want to leave the color for red flower, it would make sense to accent it in this kind of photo

Go to Select > Color Range, a small new window should pop up

3) Find a spot in the image where is the color you want to leave unchanged and select it by clicking on it in the image, make sure Fuzziness is set to 200 unless you want a very narrow color range selected, which you don't want in this case. Don't hit OK yet.

4) This is an Optional step, if you are fine with the selection, hit OK in the Color Range window and skip it.

The white part in the preview (in Color Range window) is what is going to be selected. As you can see there are still some darker spots, which means they won't be completely selected

Now you can see these gray spots are where flower becomes more white than red, probably from the flashlight, so we should add the lighter part of flower to our selection. Set everything up like in image below, click once in some bright part of the flower and then hit OK. (You can experiment with Fuzziness, so you don't have selected too much unneeded parts of the image)

As you can see selection of the flower is much cleaner and brighter now!

5) Selection should look like this now:

Go to Select > Inverse to have selected everything you want to be in grayscale / desaturated

6) The final step: take Image > Adjustments > Desaturate or just use shortcut Ctrl + Shift + U

Now you've learned how to leave only one color in an image, as you can see it's quite simple to do and results are pleasing, with some creativity you could make neat photos in no time!In this tutorial I will teach you how to leave only 1 color in the image and deasatured the rest of it. It

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