Creating "Stonehenge in the Water" photomanipulation

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This tutorial will show you how to use verious tools in Photoshop to cut out certain parts of image, place them elsewhere, how to add few atmospheric adjustments and few post - effects.

You should download resources and put them somewhere you can easily find.

Before you begin you should check final result:

Resources: Flood Area Sign Stonehenge Sea View Clouds

Step 1 - Prepare and Cut Out the Stonehenge

In Photoshop menu, locate File > Open and find Stonehenge photo, open it (you can find it in resources). Select Zoom tool by clicking on it on toolbar or pressing Z key, zoom it in few times by clicking the image, so it's around 200% or really anything you find close enough for easy selection.

Once you've made it as close as you want, find Polygonal Lasso Tool in Toolbar (make sure it's not any other lasso tool) and also make sure you got all set up like in image

Begin pointing your mouse around the stones.

Now when you are finished, let's do the same thing with the rest of stones in photo, do not deselect previous selection.

Once you have done it with all stones you can see, you might have noticed there are some unneeded parts selected between the rocks, I have marked them in red color in photo.

Select what I have marked in image and begin pointing the mouse around the spots you don't need, like in image below

Finally, you might want to zoom out and see whole selection. Last thing to do on this photo is select in menu Edit > Copy.

Step 2 - Add Stones to the Sea

Open the image with sea view (from resources), in menu select Edit > Paste.

Now select the Move Tool (or just press V) and drag the stones to some nice free space in sea.

In toolbar click on Eraser tool and set it up like in image below

You should now zoom in and slightly remove the bottom of stones so they don't look like being placed on ground.

Now just final little thing to do in this step - right click on Layer 1 text and select Layer Properties...

Change layer name to Stones and hit OK.

Step 3 - Change the Atmosphere

Firstly click on Background layer.

In menu select Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation.

There should be new window popping up, what you do is set saturation to -42.

Next, select Stones layer.

In menu go to Image > Adjustments > Photo Filter...

Set Filter to Deep Blue, Density to 47 and make sure Preserve Luminosity is checked and hit OK.

Step 4 - Change the skies

Open clouds image from resources and from toolbar select Rectangular Marquee Tool.

Now using your mouse select cloud area like in image below

Now go to menu Edit > Copy

After it's done you can close this clouds photo

Currently you should be back to image we are editing. In menu take Edit > Paste

What you do now is select Move tool (key V) and move the clouds right over sea level.

As you can see right now clouds are over the stones, but we will fix that in a moment so now right click on Layer 1 text and select Layer Properties...

Set layer name to Clouds

Now hold your mouse on Clouds layer and drag it between Stones and Background like in image below:

Let's make the clouds a bit brighter, in menu select Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast...

Set Brightness to +42 and hit OK.

Step 5 - Add a Fog

Click on Stones layer.

In menu go to Layer > New > Layer...

Set name to Fog and hit OK.

Select Brush Tool in toolbar.

In the right side above layers, set color to white (255,255,255).

Now set the brush tool like in image below:

Begin drawing on stones (mostly around bottom for better effect) and far-sea areas, I did it like this:

Step 6 - Add Flood Area Sign

Open up flood sign image from resources and select Polygonal Lasso Tool.

Point the lasso tool around edges of sign so selection looks like this when finished:

In menu select Edit > Copy.

Now you may close this photo and return to what we're editing. Once you've done that, select Edit > Paste.

You've got the sign in the scene! Use move tool to move it in any spot you find looking good.

Take Eraser Tool and slightly remove buttom of the sign so it blends into the sand.

Step 7 - Finishing up

Right click on any layer and select Flatten Image.

Go to Image > Adjustments > Color Balance.

Set color levels to -8, 0, +6 and press OK.

Go to Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast.

Set brightness to +14 and contrast to +2.

Now select Elliptical Marquee Tool, make sure feather is set to 120px.

Select area mostly all around center of image.

Go to Select > Inverse.

Select Image > Adjustments > Levels.

Set the marked box to 18 like in image below. After this it's done, if you did it right it should look pretty good!

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