Car motion / speed effect, method #2

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In previous tutorial I wrote about creating motion / high speed effect. It would only work if the camera was facing side of the car (or any other object you could apply this effect to). However, steps aren't much different from previous method This is how it's going to look after apply effect in Photoshop:

1) Begin by opening the source image in Adobe Photoshop

2) Select Polygonal Lasso Tool (you might need to right click on Lasso Tool or Magnetic Lasso Tool to access it)

3) Set it up like in image below

4) Start clicking your mouse around the car until you have made a selection in a shape of car

Selection should be looking like this:

5) Go to Select > Inverse, so you have selected everything else apart from the car

6) Go to Filter > Blur > Radial Blur

7) Set the Amount to 20 (more or less will also work), Blur Method to Zoom and Quality to Best, it's also very important to set Blur Center to the point in image around where the car is facing, without seting this correctly, final outcome will look "off"

8) Take Select > Deselect and you're done!

As you can see, this tutorial is very similar to the last one, you just had to use different filter. Any questions? Leave a comment./uu

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