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Seize the moments of happiness, cause thats the only Truth in life

Some times in life are terrible, some times in life are great. Some times you like to spread your love, some times you spread your hate. Some times you're loved by everyone, sometimes you're left alone. Some times you're soft as water and sometimes you're hard as stone.

Some memories are filled with times of things that you enjoyed. Some memories are filled with times that make you feel annoyed. Some memories will aid you to continue with your life. Some memories will cut through your emotions with a knife.

It's time you save those memories that make you feel so glad, that things you have are better than the things you never had, It's time you leave those memories that worry you behind, and all the worries that you ever had will leave your mind.

And when you've learned to keep away your trouble from the past, then soon you'll see your present turning happy really fast. And when you're happy in the present you will quickly find, Your future will be filled with happy memories in mind.

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