Introduction to JavaScript

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JavaScript is a Client Side Scripting language that enables the creation of interactive websites (webapps). JavaScript can also be used for Server Side Scripting nowadays with the use of nodejs.

JavaScript's syntax is easy to learn, if you are common to other programming languages. There is support for Objects, Functions, Inheritance, Arrays, Regular Expressions and a lot of more.

Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Opera got a bit different implementations of JavaScript. The use of librarys which provide cross-browser support is the solution to this problem. The difference between JavaScript and other programming languages is that you do not have a choice at the client site. The browsers only support JavaScript by default.

Enough information, lets start with the Setup. Create a html file and add a script tag to it. Set the attribute type to text/javascript and we are ready to start.

You can also include it from a external resource. Use the "src" attribute inside the script tag.

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