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In electronic music you can often hear (and feel) powerful sub bass drops, lately they are widely used in Trap music along with the kicks. This bass hit is really simple - it's just a low frequency sine wave (typical sub bass) with automated pitch and volume, so in this tutorial I'll be teaching you how to make this Trap bass drop.

Step 1 - Create a low frequency sine wave (sub bass) with 3x Osc in FL Studio

1) Right click on any sound in Step Sequencer (press F6 if it isn't visible), for example Kick and take Insert > 3x Osc. Alternatively you could take CHANNELS > Add one > 3x Osc.

2) Now once the 3x Osc plugin has opened, set Osc 1 to Sine wave (if it's not already), turn down the volume of Osc 2 and Osc 3. Also set the Pitch knob range to 48 semitones and Pitch to around -3600 cents. (everything like in image below)

Now if you hold down the Q key, you should hear your sub bass, if you don't, you have done something wrong. You may also try using different Pitch value as it's not important to use exactly -3600 cents, however don't go too far away from this value so you are still in the low bass range.

Step 2 - Automate pitch and volume for our sub bass

1) While it sounds good already, it has no punch, but it will once we automate the pitch. In 3x Osc take the INS tab and under that take the Pitch tab.

2) Turn on the automation and set it up like in image below (under the Time tab)

3) Now under the TNS tab, curve the line, by bringing up the Attack Tension knob.

4) Now under VOL tab, set it like in image below, this way loudness won't be the same all the time.

It's done now, but there is one more step if you want it to be even punchier than now. Press the Q key and hear if you like it already.

Step 3 - Making the bass hit harder

1) At the top of 3x Osc window, set the little FX box to '1', this will be the Mixer channel (track) we will be using. Set it by holding your mouse into the FX box and dragging it up until you see 1 (or any other Mixer channel you want to use)

2) Press F9 to bring up the Mixer window and click on Insert 1 there

3) On the right side of the Mixer, in first slot take Select > Fruity Parametric EQ 2

4) Now a Fruity Parametric EQ 2 window shows up. Press Q to play your bass and you should see something like this:

These are the frequencies where your bass is, so take the second band, make it slightly narrower and bring it around halfway (or little more) up at 100Hz, check the image below to understand it better Note: Other frequencies may or may not work, you have to hear it yourself.

It's complete! Press Q to hear your Trap bass drop, layer it with a soft kick, add some snares and hi hats to make it sound even better. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, get yourself new speakers or re-do tutorial with different values like pitch, frequency where you use the EQ and so on. In this case you can get quite different sub basses just by changing few values.

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