Noise fade in effect

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If you listen to electronic music, then you have probably heard this effect, it's very widely used and very easy to create.

Step 1 - Create basic noise

Begin by adding 3x Osc plugin in sequencer, (Right click on any sample > Insert > 3x Osc)

New window opens in Fruity Loops! Set it up like this:

Back in sequencer, click on the first step

Now we have created pattern with very simple noise, we could use it somewhere already but right now it sounds pretty bad, doesn't it? It's about to get fixed.

Step 2 - Creating the noise fade in effect

Hit F5 and fill up the playlist with our Pattern 1. You can add it as many times as you like because the effect is scalable.

Press F9 and click on Insert 1

Now on the right side of mixer, add Fruity Filter (Doesn't matter which slot right now)

Set up the knobs like in screenshot below

Right click on Cutoff freq knob and select Create automation clip

Hit F5 again, now you see there a new line, use your mouse to drag second point of it all the way up.

Set playback mode to Song and press play button.

Sounds impressive, right? If any questions, type them down in comments.

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