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If you have ever tried using any other than default samples in FL Studio, you should know that sometimes you can't get the result as you wish. But the good thing is it's not hard to layer samples in FL Studio, that is using 2 or more samples together for better final result.

Step 1 - Finding the samples we want to use

Currently you should have downloaded some drum samples on your computer (you can google fl studio free drum samples in case you don't)

Find let's say 2 kick samples you like and want to use, I found VEE Bassdrum 000.wav and VEE Bassdrum 006.wav sounding pretty well.

Now once we have found good samples we want to layer, let's put them in FL Studio by dragging sample files to Sequencer.

Sometimes when you import the samples, they can sound wrong, have incorrect pitch, it's easy to fix, click on the sample in sequencer, click on INS and right click on C5, it should now be fixed if anything was wrong, repeat this for other sample you added too.

Step 2 - Creating the layer

Right click on any sample in sequencer, choose Insert>Layer

Once it's done hold down shift and click on the little button right after sample name and return to layer, do it like in image below:

Finally, in layer window, click on Set children.

Hearing and adjusting the layer

Now while layer window is open, hit [Q] key on your keyboard few times to hear how it sounds, if it isn't good enough you may want to adjust volume of each sample

Do it by holding your mouse on volume control button of each sample and moving it, like in image below

It's done and it wasn't hard, right? You could do this with as many samples as you want. Also it's not necessary to use drum samples, you can do it with any sounds you want. If something's not clear, feel free to leave a comment.

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