FL Studio basics #5 Fade in / out using automation

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This is probably the last tutorial covering basic usage for FL Studio, but there are more tutorials coming about various topics to help you produce better music.

First of all start up FL Studio and make some melody or beat or anything which you want to fade in / out using sequencer

As you can see I just made few kick steps.

Next thing you do is hit F5 to bring up Playlist, make sure you have Paint tool selected like in image below and draw pattern in the grid for 5 times or so. If it asks for pattern source, select pattern 1.

Now go back to sequencer (where you got your all instruments), left click on instrument which you used in beginning in this tutorial - the one which you want to fade in / out, in my case it was kick.

If you did right something like in image above should have shown up. What you should pay attention is the small fx box, set it to number 1 if it isn't already like that. In case it isn't, set it by holding your mouse on the box and dragging it. If you want any other instrument to fade in or out, set it's fx box to 1 too, just like here.

Press F9 to bring up (or close) Mixer and find Insert 1 column (make sure it's not Send 1).

Right under it you got pretty large volume control slider, right click on it and select Create automation clip

Nothing happened! That's just how it looks like so press F5 to bring up playlist once again. You see there new line titled Insert 1 - volume envelope

Now just click on the left end of line and drag it down to fade in or drag down right end of the line to fade out, it should look like this:

Finally, make sure you have playback mode set to song and hit play button.

Sounds nice right? Automation can be used not just for volume control, you can use automation for almost any slider or setting in FL Studio, like pitch, tempo, equaliser settings and lot more. Just right click on any changable setting in FL and select Create automation clip

By the way you can also edit the automation line by dragging the middle dot of line, just do it and see how it affects fade in / out effect.

to bring up (or close)

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