FL Studio basics #4 Using Mixer

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Have you ever wondered how do you add various effects to some of your instruments or whole song? I got good news for you because it's easy to do and I'm going to tell you how.

Mastering is very important part of producing music, so make sure you understand the basics.

Firstly let's make a beat with whatever instruments we want, I did it like this:

You can do it with using patterns (when you're trying to make a complete song you should do so) and sequence with piano roll but just to let you know, currently none of that matters so let's keep going.

Hit F9 in your keyboard to open (or close) Mixer and click on Insert 1, just like in image below

Once again you have no idea what is going on, but is about to change soon. In the right side of mixer there is numbered list, just click on one of parts (doesn't matter which currently) like in image

You should now have new menu poping up, go to Select>Fruity Delay 2 (you could take any other effect, this is good to show things off)

Awesome, you just added Fruity Delay effect to Insert 1

If you would try playing it, you wouldn't hear any difference than before. Why? Because you haven't assigned any instrument to Insert 1. So let's do it! Get back to sequencer and click on Kick or any other instrument you want to be with Fruity Delay 2 effect.

Something like this pops up:

I've highlighted what you should pay your attention to - it's the small fx box which says which Insert in mixer is selected instrument assigned to.

Since we added the Fruity Delay 2 effect in Insert 1, let's set fx box to 1 too by clicking and holding your mouse on the box and dragging upwards until you see 1.

Now you can try to play it and hear the effect. You can try to experiment with effect's settings by going to mixer and selecting effect in the list of Insert 1

In case you want different effects for other instruments, take Insert 2 and assign that instead. Or if you want an effect to be applied to everything, add it to Master column in mixer.

Here's another homework: Add Fruity Reverb 2 effect in Insert 2 and assign it to Snare.

You can also download more effects, soon I'll write about how to get and install them.b

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