FL Studio Basics #2 Playing Instruments, Using Piano Roll

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If you have read the first part of this tutorial then you probably want to know how to use instruments like piano, synths and such.

It's simple, you have to add them in sequencer, to do that right click on ANY instrument in sequencer, for example 'Kick', go to 'Insert' and take 'FL Keys'

Now try to left click on 'FL Keys' in sequencer and try pressing/holding Q, W, R or other top letters on the keyboard, you can now hear various notes of piano by pressing various keys. That is useful just to hear what you have just added to sequencer.

But to make it real, right click on 'FL Keys' and take 'Piano roll', that will be the way we will sequence our drums, instruments and everything else the best way.

Now you're looking at empty grid which again doesn't make much sense, so let's find note 'C5' on the left side and click mouse somewhere in the same row in the grid.

'C5' is usually basic note/sound coming out of instruments.

Fill the grid with more notes, try placing them also higher or lower to hear difference I did it like this

Now you can click the play button and hear what you've made. You could also try adding beat like in part 1 of tutorial for it to sound even better. You can also use piano roll with drums.

If you haven't noticed yet, you are also able to change lenght of notes by dragging right edge of them, move them around and remove with right mouse button.

Instead of 'FL Keys', there are various instruments in the list you could have taken like 3x Osc, FL Slayer, Sawer, Sytrus and others coming with FL Studio. You're not limited with what comes with FL, there are various instruments you can find over internet, how to get and set them up will be covered in one of next tutorials coming soon.

If you've read FL Studio basics tutorials #1 and #2 you should already have enough knowledge to make good sounding melody and beat. Don't worry if you can't come up with anything good yet, it requires time to develop skills.

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