FL Studio Basics #1 Creating a Beat

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So if you want to begin producing music with FL studio there are some simple basics you should know. I'll try to keep it as simple as possible.

First of all let's run Fruity Loops and check the user interface: the most important thing you will need is sequencer, which looks like

What you see there are 4 basic drum instruments, which might not make sense to you. To change that, find 'Kick' instrument and click on every 4th step starting with the first one.

It should now look like this

Now you might already have figured how to hear the simple beat you just made.

Just click the obvious [>] play button (you can find it in the top-center of FL Studio) to hear it.

Since FL Studio allows you to edit while playing, don't press stop, instead fill 'Hat' and 'Snare' steps like in image below

You should be hearing pretty nice beat right now

What you want to do now is change 'tempo' or BPM (Beats Per Minute), just to see how it affects your beat, find 'tempo box' in the top right after play/stop/record buttons, currently it shows value '130.000' or '140.000' depending on your FL Studio version. Click and hold mouse on number '130' and move it up or down.

If you're still playing your beat you should hear it becoming faster or slower, depending on your needs. It's pretty simple.

It's also possible to adjust pan (balance) and volume of instruments by using these buttons:

So far you have learned to create simple beats in step sequencer, hear them and change tempo In next tutorial you'll learn how to add various instruments (like piano and synths) and use them.

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