Deep bass sound tutorial

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Ever wanted to create a pure sub-bass sound in FL Studio? It's very easy, just follow next simple steps to achieve that.

Begin by right clicking on any instrument in sequencer, select Insert>3x Osc

Hold down Q key on your keyboard. Doesn't sound too good right? Well it's about to change, just set 3x Osc like in image below:

There you can see crs and fine settings change, also 2 volume settings are changed. But the most important is the small orange box above the piano keys.

It's set to C5 by default, but by right clicking somewhere between C6 and C7 you will get lower sound. (You can set it even more towards C7 to achieve lower bass)

Now just hold down Q keys on your keyboard to hear the bass (also make sure you still have 3x Osc selected), it's done and it sounds pretty good.

You may want to open up piano roll by right clicking on 3x Osc in sequencer and selecting piano roll to use it in a song.

By the way in some low end systems you may not hear the low bass too well so it can differ a lot between various speakers.

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