Creating Drum and Bass beat

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In this tutorial we are going to create basic drum and bass beat using FL Studio, it requires little knowledge but the final result is highly depending on drum samples you use.

Step 1 - Adding samples to sequencer

You will need -Kick -HiHat -Snare -Another snare -Ride Find the samples you like and put them in sequencer (if you don't know how, check previous tutorial)

It should look like this:

Step 2 - Creating the beat

Firstly, right click on your kick sample in sequencer and select Piano roll.

An empty grid should be open now, that's where we will set up the beat.

Find note C5 in the left side of window and fill up the grid using your mouse like in image below:

In case you have problems using Piano roll, you might want to check FL Studio Basics #2 Playing Instruments, Using Piano Roll tutorial

Close Piano roll to go back to the sequencer.

Right click on snare sample and select Piano roll.

Once again, find C5 note and fill the grid using your mouse like in image below:

Again, close Piano roll to go back to the sequencer.

Right click on Hat sample in sequencer, select Fill each 4 steps.

Right click on Ride sample, select Fill each 2 steps.

Finally, fill Snare #2 blocks like in image below using your mouse.

At the moment, sequencer should look like this:

You can hit play button in pattern mode to hear how does it sound.

However it's not done yet.

Step 3 - Setting BPM, adjusting volume of samples

Drum and Bass tempo usually is between 160-190 BPM (beats per minute) so what we do is set BPM to 170 (or anything around it if you like it different).

Find the small tempo box near play/stop buttons, hold your mouse on the number (130 or 140, depending on your FL Studio version) and drag it up until it's 170.

BPM is set now.

Last thing to do is reduce volume for some samples. Set Ride volume to around half by holding your mouse on small volume button and dragging it down.

Do the same for Snare #2, just set it lower, around 1/3 of volume.

It's complete! Hit play button again to hear it.

It's the very basic beat, but there's a lot you can change or add, like other samples, some mastering, stereo and so on.

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