ElGamal Crypto System

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The ElGamal Crypto System is a public key crypto system which allows to send a message over a insecure transport system.

ElGamal procedure 1) Choose a prime number: p; 2) Choose a number: a in {2,...,p-2}; 3) Select a number: g with g mod p; 4) Calculate: A = ga mod p; 5) Publish the Triplet: p,g,A //a is the secret key. //chipher 6) Choose a random number: b 7) Calculate and publish: B = gb mod p; c = Abm mod p //decihper 8)the message is: m = (Ba)-1*c

The ElGamal Crypto System is similar to the Diffie Hellman Key Exchange, but it allows to send messages instead of generating a private key.

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